Contract Law in Focus (Focus Casebook)

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Michael B. Kelly;Lucille M. Ponte
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Providing a comprehensive, practice-oriented approach to the legal and practical aspects of contract law, Contract Law In Focus offersrealworldscenarios throughout give students numerous opportunities to apply and solidify their understanding of important concepts. Clear explanatory text, Case Previews, and Case Follow-ups further clarify the doctrine and aid in student understanding. This text begins with a helpful introduction to the study of contract law, providing basic information about the way contracts are governed in the United States. It then introduces formation of contracts, covering offer, acceptance, consideration, and exceptions to consideration. The casebook moves on to provide clear and comprehensive discussions of defenses, excuses, and remedies for breach. By effectively synthesizing the statutory law, common law, relevant rules, and secondary sources, while offering a focus on understanding contract law -- as it developed in the past, exists today, and will evolve in the future -- the authors have created an indispensable guide for students learning contract law.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review